For years, without hesitation, the Promocom family of suppliers has trusted Promocom to communicate their assets to the distributor network in Eastern Canada. These suppliers have relied on Line’s expertise and deep-rooted connections to consistently grow their businesses year after year.

A member of the Promocom family since 1997
Debco is the premier Canadian specialist in bags, umbrellas, drinkware, business accessories, automotive and desktop acces-sories. Offering a selection of over 1000 product solutions and 1 day and 3 day express service when time is of the essence.



A member of the Promocom family since 2014
PCA is a worldwide supplier of promotional products of desk, wall calendars, pocket planners and custom digital printing. Offering a full line of first quality products combined with fast service to meet your marketing campaign requirements.


A member of the Promocom family since 1994
Nothing says “thank you” more deliciously than chocolate! Taylor & Grant now merged with Chocolate Inn, is the largest purveyor of delectable food gifts in North America, offering hard candy, mints, chocolate & nuts in creative packages!