Marketing Strategy

The P’s of Promotional Success


Promocom enters the market fully prepared. They spend countless hours studying suppliers’ products, case histories, decorating capabilities and differentiating services before they ever step in front of distributors. They carry current distributor sales stats on hand to personalize every customer meeting. Promocom is organized and professional beyond compare.


Promocom PK sessions promise to be informative, engaging and entertaining; each one personalized to the distributor team and focused on what is important to them.


Promocom reaches customers through PK sessions as well as through their regional tabletop shows, the most attended and successful in the country. Customers have been known to drive over 6 hours to attend the Promocom show!


Promocom is passionate about serving people. Their fully bilingual team is always on hand to answer questions, generate ideas and handle any challenges that arise.


Follow-up at Promocom is not just a promise, it’s a mandate! The team at Promocom assures that nothing is left unfinished and no opportunity untapped. They are undoubtedly the best in the industry.